49 Things i love=,Doc Holiday from Tombstone "I'm your huckleberry" enough said,Johnny Dept,Christofer Drew Ingle/NeverShoutNever,Flyleaf,Hot showers,Cold rain,Rainbows,Sunshine,Springtime,Summertime,Falltime,Winter time,Green grass,Blue skies,Big puffy white clouds that look like kittens,Dogs,Cats,Horses,Birds,Bears (all kinds),Wolverines...vicious,Baby forms of all those creatures. so cute,Food,Candy,Seafood expecially!World Peace,Good Friends ( i dont have many),Singing even though im terrible at it,Drawing,Coloring,Farms/The Farm,Flowers (daiseys are my favorite),Jim Sturgess,Across the Universe,Blue eyes ,Eyes in general,Fight club,Brad Pitt,Superheros (i am one),Dressing pretty,Eyeliner,Mascara,Long hair (wishes mine would grow),My family,Hats,Glasses,Garden Nombes <~Horrible Spelling,and best of all Living (: i love my life and i love living it just the way it is.
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